Established in 2004 we quickly attracted a reputation for producing survey accurate 3D images of the highest quality, and soon found ourselves working on challenging yet inspiring projects for clients all over the globe.

When it comes to creating 3D images of buildings, landscapes and environments, it’s not a part of what we do – it is what we do. We’ve specialised in this area, going to great lengths to hone our skills and refine the services we offer our clients. Because producing exceptional images is our number one focus we offer precision and accuracy which is unparalleled, a vital attribute for clients working on complex or intricate projects.
We closely alongside planners, surveyors, engineers, interior designers, architects and landscape architects, collaborate as and when necessary to achieve the ideal outcome for our clients. We’re well regarded within our industry, and have appeared as expert witnesses in numerous consent and Environment Court hearings.
The nature of our business means geography is never a problem, and our team have worked on projects right around the globe, catering the service we offer to produce the optimal results every time.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our ability to meet critical deadlines, and our commitment to the most exacting standards.

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Virtual View, The Ricoh Building, Level 1, 24 Moorhouse Ave, Addington, Christchurch | Telephone: 03 977 5330, Fax: 03 977 5330, Email: info@virtualview.co.nz

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