High-end 3D imaging for projects that rely on precision and clarity.

We specialise in producing cutting-edge 3D imagery, using unparalleled realism to create compelling interactive experiences. Working for clients around the globe on projects of significant scale and importance, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering the accuracy and attention to detail that is vital for making informed decisions. We provide the information our clients need to plan their projects, the tools they require to market them, and, when necessary, the resources they depend upon to secure funding and consent.


When you need an accurate depiction of your project, our 3D images will bring your development to life!

3D Scene Capture 3D SCENE CAPTURE Setting the scene 3D Photo Simulation 3D PHOTO SIMULATION Accurate, precise & realistic 3D Animation 3D ANIMATION An interactive expereince


We’re in the business of imagery, so what better way to showcase our work than with a video? From sweeping 360-degree panoramas of rural landscapes to survey accurate depictions of new developments in sprawling urban environments, we help bring your planned project to life.

19 05 29 Kauwera Int 5

Interior Living Space

Envisaging your dream space with Virtual View. More Info

18 07 10 Camera Courtyard 004.RGB color2

Burlington Village

Virtual View modelled the central courtyard and produced 3D scene captures for Burlington Village which is under construction at present. More Info

Cam George St FB EWB 003 NEW

George St, Dunedin

Virtual View was engaged to produce these images of the proposed changes to George St, Dunedin. More Info

Woodsman Serene 001

Woodsman Serene

Virtual View was engaged to create images for the Woodsman Serene. More Info

Resize of 18 08 09 303 313 Madras Cam3


Virtual View was engaged to create images for this stylish new development in Madras St. More Info

18 05 26 Versatile Munro 2

Versatile Homes

Virtual View was excited to be involved with the launch of Versatile Homes range of over 60 new designs for web and print media. More Info

17 12 13 STD ACCOM V2 7.2x2.9 INT2

Portabuild Interiors

Size doesn't matter! Portabuild wanted to freshen up the interior look for their increasingly popular range. More Info

Hoyts EntX Cam04 noPeople2

Hoyts EntX

Virtual View was engaged by Calder Stewart to create these images and an animation of the design concept for the new Hoyts EntX in the heart of Christchurch.  More Info

17 09 20 17 Coast Boulevard Cam 05

Coast Boulevard

Interior concept images by Virtual View for marketing material, Architect - Shape Ltd More Info

Odering Shop Exterior Nursery Camera 001

Hierarchy - Nursery Concept

Virtual View was engaged to produce images for Hierarchy for this Nursery Concept. More Info

Otago Poytech Frame10 Render 01

Otago Student Village

Virtual View was part of the team in producing the animation for the new Otago Polytechnic Student Village. More Info

18 05 31 M13497 Cam01

Homes by Maxim

Virtual View was engaged to produce a series of 3D Scene Captures for Homes by Maxim. More Info

Lakeside RD INT 009 4

Lakeside Road, Wanaka

Virtual View was engaged to produce 3D Imagery for these cleverly designed freehold townhouses on Lakeside Road Wanaka. More Info

Resize of 19 05 08 CT5427 Lot 236 Falcons Landing 2

Mike Greer Homes

Virtual View was engaged to produce images for these contemporary Mike Greer Homes. More Info

18 05 09 CNC

Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC)

See how the Christchurch Northern Corridor project will operate and what it will look like once landscaping is established. More Info

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